Hi, I am Sellina Yoo.
I am a motion graphic designer 

for Fun!

Switched at Birth

Teaser Sequence

There is a fragile utopia built on an empty space where it can fall at any time.

Martie trusted her family, but her mom did not accept her as her daughter and remained silent for decades. Without knowing the truth, their relationship seems solid. However, as the truth reveals, Martie realizes that everything she trusted was all a lie.

The ground floor represents Martie’s family, her relationships, her whole life. The Utopia looks solid until it starts to fall. As it starts to fall, the truth reveals: nothing is supporting the ground. 

Concept, Storyboarding, Environmental Design, 3D modeling, Compositing, Typography

Cinema 4D, Redshift Renderer, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate


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